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If you are searching for Class B RV rentals, it would be best to search for an RV rental place that is near the start destination of your trip. Renting is great if you have never tried RVing before or if you simply want to explore a far off destination. It would also be a good idea if you are considering buying a class B RV, to rent a similar model to make sure it is what you want. Before you rent check out different rental companies online. Motorhome rentals and camper van rentals are usually the most popular. Some companies charge extra for tv, extra mileage, housekeeping packages or winterized RV’s. You can speak to your car insurance broker to check if you are covered for recreational vehicle rentals, and you can arrange additional coverage. Some companies have minimum age requirements or a daily insurance fee for the vehicle rental.
     Below: In RV parks you tend to get to know your neighbors very well. Even if they're friendly (or hungry) animals. Many RV parks around the world feature gorgeous scenery as well.

 RV parks

Class B RV rentals generally range anywhere from $60-$90 USD per night, even this may vary depending on the model, camper van rental or motorhome rental, special features or any other charges each company may have.

Here are a few firms that offer rentals for motorhomes, Class B Rv's and camper vans:

USA RV rentals

American RV

Owasco RV centre


Cruise America


Class B RV's